Higher Education Conferences to Attend in 2024

Our tracker of virtual, in-person and hybrid higher education leadership conferences for the upcoming academic year.

By: Volt

Should You Still Start a College-Tok Account?

Gen Z is using TikTok as a search engine. Here are eight steps to connect directly with students on the platform.

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By: Jacqueline Garcia , Jon Siapno

Can Postgraduate Students Solve the Enrollment Cliff?

Postgraduates may balance the financial impacts of the enrollment cliff, but institutions must consider the challenges and implications of shifting focus.

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By: Shane Baglini

What Can Higher Ed Learn from the Finance Industry to Restore Trust?

Four steps to help restore the ever-diminishing public trust in higher ed institutions and a college degree.

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By: Alastair Hayes

The Digital Campus: Navigating the Future of Connected Education

From security concerns to successful support, higher ed institutions must consider all aspects of the digital education experience for students and faculty.

By: Jennifer Arthur

Is YouTube Social Media?

Although its components may be unsavory to some, YouTube should be the first thing a social media manager starts cooking.

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By: Andrew Cassel

Confessions of a Higher Ed Job Seeker

Five key takeaways from a higher ed marketer actively seeking a change within the industry.

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By: Anonymous

3 Steps for Investing in Online Education Marketing

NYU’s Anna Miller and Emily Irvin say if you’re not yet investing in collaborative marketing for online education, now’s the time to start.

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By: Anna Miller, Emily Irvin

The Power of Mentorship in Addressing Recruitment and Retention in Higher Ed

Mentorship programs can increase recruitment and forestall mass resignations if implemented correctly within higher ed leadership.

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By: Jennifer Arthur

Marketing Direct Admissions: You Gotta Be Sticky

In the age of direct admissions, higher ed institutions must create value that resonates with purpose-driven Gen Alpha.

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By: Andrew Cassel

3 Steps to Embed AI into Higher Ed Courses

As higher education tackles generative AI at institutions, educators in the United Kingdom are looking at how to embed the technology ethically into coursework.

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By: May Ho

How to Regain Public Trust in Higher Ed

Institutions must demonstrate clear career outcomes and offer innovative learning options to restore public confidence in the enduring value of a college degree.

Institutional Strategy /
By: Jeremy Walsh

Is This a Complaint or a Crisis?

A social admin’s job is to know what has the potential for reputational harm, but some issues may be trickier than others.

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By: Andrew Cassel

Licensing: The Hidden Hero in University Brand Strategy

A strategic marketing officer and the right partnerships can be a winning combination for higher ed brand licensing.

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By: Jaime Hunt

Microcredentials Pack a Punch: Why Are These Programs Gaining Popularity?

Microcredential programs can fill the ever-widening gap between skills and education, allowing employers to fill job vacancies and employees to increase necessary skills.

Institutional Strategy /
By: Marcus Dennis