Close That Underperforming Social Media Account

Social media platforms have defined purposes, but when an account no longer aligns with the institution’s goals, it may be time to allocate resources elsewhere.

Social Media /
By: Jon-Stephen Stansel

5 Things To Do While Considering Twitter’s Future

Can we offer you a listicle in these trying times?

Social Media /
By: Andrew Cassel

Disability: The Next Diversity Challenge

With nearly 1 in 5 students reporting a disability, it’s time for higher ed to be more intentional with its marketing efforts.

Marketing /
By: Jaime Hunt

6 Factors to Consider When Exploring a New CMS

Approval for a new content management system is just the first step; experienced higher ed marketers told us what to do after the budget is green lit.

By: Melissa Sersland

10 Higher Ed Web Experiences That Work

From micro interactions to frictionless UX, we celebrate the higher ed web experiences that seamlessly engage current and prospective students.

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By: Christopher Huebner

Should Marketers Quiet Quit Meta?

When use of a social media platform no longer aligns with an institution’s brand or message, quiet quitting may be more effective than simply abandoning valuable audiences.

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By: Andrew Cassel

Let’s Get Real about BeReal

Higher ed insiders debate whether a brand wasteland equates to institutional opportunity on a growing social media platform.

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By: Jon-Stephen Stansel, Andrew Cassel

Pull Up a Chair: Inviting Marketers to Program Development

Including marketers in the beginning stages of higher ed program development improves efficiency and feasibility.

Marketing /
By: Christopher Romano

Does Every Department Need Insta?

The importance of determining a need and defining a strategy for an effective social media presence.

Social Media /
By: Melissa Horvath, Christopher Romano

How to Create a Winning Strategic Enrollment Plan

A strategic enrollment plan will only work if you make it accessible and bring people along for the journey. Here’s how to do exactly that.

Institutional Strategy /
By: Aaron Basko

How to Perform a Content Migration

There are three key phases of work required to successfully move content as part of any website redesign or maintenance strategy.

Content & SEO /
By: Mandee Englert

How to Choose a CRM

Selecting the right CRM platform for your higher ed institution is an exciting, daunting proposition. Here’s what you should know.

Marketing Automation /
By: Melissa Sersland

6 Keys to Student-Centric Marketing

Key takeaways from a white paper Volt co-produced with Salesforce about creating optimized, student-centric marketing campaigns.

Content & SEO /
By: Aaron Stern

Life After Cookies: 5 Digital Advertising Strategies to Engineer Attention

Tracking user behavior online is getting more complex. You can still maximize your ad efficiency with these creative tactics.

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By: Chris Huebner

Social Media Brand Building in a Socially Distanced World: Advertising Basics that Build Brands

Some things have changed in the era of Covid-19. The best ways to increase your brand’s digital visibility have not.

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By: Chris Huebner