It’s tough out there for a higher education marketing and communications professional.

Depending on who you ask, higher education is too liberal or too conservative. Too focused on outcomes or too out-of-touch with reality. Too bloated or too inaccessible.

And while academics pine for yesterday’s system and pundits plot angst-inducing changes in student demographics, today’s marketing professionals find themselves short on resources and tasked with the increasingly difficult job of reaching and influencing target audiences in the name of larger class sizes, higher rankings, and increased endowments.

It’s here that Volt exists.

Volt was founded on the notion that when we share our individual beliefs, successes, and failures, we raise the level of the marketing game across the entirety of higher education. Here, you’ll find opinions, case studies, best practices, helpful resources, and how-to guides, written for higher education marketers by higher education marketers.

Our goal? To become required reading for current and aspirational education executives who want to elevate how schools communicate their uniqueness and value.

If that sounds good to you, stick around. We think you’ll like it here.

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