Higher Voltage Podcast

Higher Voltage is a periodic podcast covering all aspects of higher education marketing. Our conversations range from strategies and tactics, to culture and business considerations, and the defining topics of the moment. We talk to professionals in the higher education space across admissions, marketing, career services, alumni relations, and more.

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Volt@CUPRAP: Campus Leadership on Social Media, Behind the Scenes

Volt’s live event series continues with a discussion about what it takes to make higher ed leaders successful ambassadors of their institutions on social media.


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The Great Resignation Hits Higher Ed

Three industry veterans discuss the wave of departures in higher ed, and share why they each left institutions for agencies in the last year.


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Volt@AMA: A Student-Centric Approach to Higher Ed Marketing

The debut of Volt’s new live event series dives into what it takes to create authentic communications that resonate with students.


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The “Nearly Impossible” Job of College President

On the latest Higher Voltage, why today’s leaders in higher ed must be always-on masters of strategic planning and communications.


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Righting the “Rot” in Higher Education

It’s time to forget about rankings and traditional notions of prestige, says Otterbein University President John Comerford, and to rethink the purpose and value of modern higher education.


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Stories First: Inside UCLA’s Revamped Marcomm Team

Mary Osako explains UCLA’s storytelling-based approach to marketing, and why they hired a Chief Content Officer and a Chief Brand Officer.


The State of Social Media in Higher Ed

Higher ed social media has never been more critical to marketing efforts than it is now, and that’s a good thing.


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‘The Most Important Work’: Increasing the Number and Diversity of College Graduates

Bridget Burns discusses the University Innovation Alliance’s mission to redefine the purpose and utility of a college degree for the next generation of students.


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HBCU Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

COVID-19 and nationwide calls for racial justice continue to present unique challenges – and opportunities – for HBCUs.


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Lessons Learned: Best Practices in Higher Ed Social Media

On the latest Higher Voltage podcast we dive into all things social media strategy and execution in higher ed.


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LIVE at CUPRAP: Community Building on Higher Ed Social Media

Digital communities for higher ed marketers and social media pros have become a haven for personal and professional guidance over the last year.


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The Cinderella Strategy: How Butler University Invested in Athletics and Won Big

How an investment in men’s basketball elevated the small Indiana school to national prominence.


Image of a man in a mask with medical gloves looking at something in his hands, with the words 'Ambition Can't Wait' overlaid on the image.

Inside Drexel University’s “Ambition Can’t Wait” Brand Awareness Campaign

Drexel University’s Craig Kampes and Joseph Master join Higher Voltage to dig into the origins, strategy, and execution of the school’s “Ambition Can’t Wait” brand awareness campaign, which has been the school’s marketing backbone since 2016.


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How to Market a University

Stony Brook University’s Teresa Flannery discusses her new book and one of the most fundamental challenges in higher ed today.


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The Lessons of 2020 That Will Shape 2021

A look at the major trends in how, where, and when we will reach our audience as higher ed marketers in 2021.