‘Fun, Creative, and Simple’: How Clemson University Uses TikTok

A TikTok-length Q&A with a Clemson University social media strategist.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Olivia Osborne

Marketing Mom’s Meatloaf: Promoting State Schools in a Post-Pandemic World

The uncertainty brought by COVID may help state universities and regional colleges entice in-state students to stay close to home.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Chris Romano

Government Relations and Marketing: A Potentially Dynamic Duo

Three ways Government Relations and Marketing departments can collaborate to successfully advocate for their schools.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Kristen Baker, Kyle Scott

Gone Digital: 5 Ways COVID Changed Higher Ed Marketing & Communications for the Better

Print is on the wane in all aspects of marketing collateral and on-campus operations.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Melissa Horvath

Lessons Learned: Best Practices in Higher Ed Social Media

On the latest Higher Voltage podcast we dive into all things social media strategy and execution in higher ed.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Higher Voltage

LIVE at CUPRAP: Community Building on Higher Ed Social Media

Digital communities for higher ed marketers and social media pros have become a haven for personal and professional guidance over the last year.

Admissions /
By: Higher Voltage

Ubiquitous Uniqueness: The (Almost) Impossible Task of Differentiating Your School

A four-step guide to identifying your unique purpose, brand and value proposition from a higher ed marcomm professional.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Peter Ashley

What We Learned: eduWeb Spring Innovation Showcase 2021

The trends and troubles facing higher education, as discussed at eduWeb’s spring 2021 virtual conference.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Conny Liegl

The Cinderella Strategy: How Butler University Invested in Athletics and Won Big

How an investment in men’s basketball elevated the small Indiana school to national prominence.

Admissions /
By: Higher Voltage

Life After Cookies: 5 Digital Advertising Strategies to Engineer Attention

Tracking user behavior online is getting more complex. You can still maximize your ad efficiency with these creative tactics.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Chris Huebner

The Academic Nomad: 3 Keys to Understanding Today’s Higher Ed Students

The traditional four-year, on-campus college student is less the norm than ever. At all levels of higher ed, today’s students demand mobility and flexibility.

Student Experience /
By: Julia Zeigler, Terra Gargano

Brand Strategy Deep Dive: Inside Drexel’s “Ambition Can’t Wait” Campaign

Inside the origins, strategy, and execution of Drexel University’s ongoing brand awareness campaign.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Higher Voltage

4 Ways to Navigate Alumni Engagement in a Divisive Political Climate

How do you talk to alumni about political and social issues in this culturally divided time?

Donor & Alumni Relations /
By: Ashanti Martin

10 Great Higher Education Blogs Worth Following

Created by college and university staff, faculty, and students, these higher ed blogs cover a wide range of topics inside and outside of higher ed.

Admissions /
By: Heather Dotchel

How COVID-19 Spiked ‘the Way Things Have Always Been Done’

If COVID-19 has had a silver lining, it is that we have been forced to do everything in new ways. Let’s embrace that.

Marketing & Branding /
By: Jaime Hunt