Close That Underperforming Social Media Account

Social media platforms have defined purposes, but when an account no longer aligns with the institution’s goals, it may be time to allocate resources elsewhere.

Social Media /
By: Jon-Stephen Stansel

5 Things To Do While Considering Twitter’s Future

Can we offer you a listicle in these trying times?

Disability: The Next Diversity Challenge

With nearly 1 in 5 students reporting a disability, it’s time for higher ed to be more intentional with its marketing efforts.

6 Factors to Consider When Exploring a New CMS

Approval for a new content management system is just the first step; experienced higher ed marketers told us what to do after the budget is green lit.


Data-Driven Marketing Maturity Assessment for Higher Ed

Data-Driven Marketing Maturity Assessment for Higher Ed

Every marketing and communications function is in a state of evolution, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to focus next. Here’s where to start, and how to grow.

5 Pillars and 5 Pitfalls to Higher Ed Unified Communications

5 Pillars and 5 Pitfalls to Higher Ed Unified Communications

A strategic approach to unified communications means aligning people, processes, technology and data to enable communicators to effectively engage with their constituents.

The 2020 Higher Education Site Search Report

The 2020 Higher Education Site Search Report

Learn how investing in superior site search technology positively affects user experience and website performance for higher education institutions.

Higher Voltage

The Power of Prestige

Ryan Craig explains why expanding access to highly selective institutions like Yale is the key to saving higher ed.

The Myth of Political Neutrality

As higher ed becomes increasingly politicized, can college and university presidents afford to remain silent?

A Marcom Conundrum: CCOs vs. CMOs

Debating how and why to untangle the often-blended roles of chief communications officers and chief marketing officers in higher ed.


Dealing with Rising Mental Health Concerns on Campus

With more than 60% of students reporting mental health issues, college leaders wonder if access to greater funding will be enough to tackle the ongoing mental health crisis at their schools.

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By: Tavleen Tarrant

Where Are Prospective College Students Going?

A demographic cliff, economic downturn, pandemic and perceived lack of value are contributing to decreased higher ed enrollment numbers, but the students must be going somewhere.

Grab a Tiny Mic and A Student

Higher ed social media strategists at AMA shared insights on how they successfully engaged Gen Z students by employing their peers for marketing and engagement.

Milking the Tuition Cash Cow

Out-of-state and international students offer colleges diversity, but with ever-tightening operational budgets, they’re also key to helping the bottom line.


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