‘Fun, Creative, and Simple’: How Clemson University Uses TikTok

A TikTok-length Q&A with a Clemson University social media strategist.
Marketing & Branding /
By: Olivia Osborne

Marketing Mom’s Meatloaf: Promoting State Schools in a Post-Pandemic World

The uncertainty brought by COVID may help state universities and regional colleges entice in-state students to stay close to home.
Marketing & Branding /
By: Chris Romano

Government Relations and Marketing: A Potentially Dynamic Duo

Three ways Government Relations and Marketing departments can collaborate to successfully advocate for their schools.
Marketing & Branding /
By: Kristen Baker

Gone Digital: 5 Ways COVID Changed Higher Ed Marketing & Communications for the Better

Print is on the wane in all aspects of marketing collateral and on-campus operations.
Marketing & Branding /
By: Melissa Horvath

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