Unwelcome and Adrift: International Students are the Next Enrollment Cliff

Deterred by anti-immigrant rhetoric and the COVID-19 pandemic, international students are considering countries other than the U.S. for their education.
Admissions /
By: Charlie Harcourt

Social Media Brand Building in a Socially Distanced World: Advertising Basics that Build Brands

Some things have changed in the era of Covid-19. The best ways to increase your brand’s digital visibility have not.
Admissions /
By: Christopher Huebner

No More Waiting: The Push to Increase Diversity in Higher Ed Advancement

Building diversity in advancement offices is crucial to creating higher ed institutions that are more inclusive and equitable.
Education Administration /
By: Ashanti Martin

Fighting Tokenism: Diversity and Inclusion in Higher Ed Marketing

The latest episode of the Higher Voltage podcast explores how colleges and universities can authentically portray diversity on their campuses.
Marketing & Branding /

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