6 Keys to Student-Centric Marketing

Key takeaways from a white paper Volt co-produced with Salesforce about creating optimized, student-centric marketing campaigns.

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By: Aaron Stern

27 Higher Education Marketing Conferences to Attend in 2021-2022

Our tracker of virtual, in-person, and hybrid higher education marketing conferences for the upcoming academic year.

Life After Cookies: 5 Digital Advertising Strategies to Engineer Attention

Tracking user behavior online is getting more complex. You can still maximize your ad efficiency with these creative tactics.

Social Media Brand Building in a Socially Distanced World: Advertising Basics that Build Brands

Some things have changed in the era of Covid-19. The best ways to increase your brand’s digital visibility have not.


Data-Driven Marketing Maturity Assessment for Higher Ed

Data-Driven Marketing Maturity Assessment for Higher Ed

Every marketing and communications function is in a state of evolution, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to focus next. Here’s where to start, and how to grow.

5 Pillars and 5 Pitfalls to Higher Ed Unified Communications

5 Pillars and 5 Pitfalls to Higher Ed Unified Communications

A strategic approach to unified communications means aligning people, processes, technology and data to enable communicators to effectively engage with their constituents.

The 2020 Higher Education Site Search Report

The 2020 Higher Education Site Search Report

Learn how investing in superior site search technology positively affects user experience and website performance for higher education institutions.

Higher Voltage

The Great Resignation Hits Higher Ed

Three industry veterans discuss the wave of departures in higher ed, and share why they each left institutions for agencies in the last year.

Volt@AMA: A Student-Centric Approach to Higher Ed Marketing

The debut of Volt’s new live event series dives into what it takes to create authentic communications that resonate with students.

The “Nearly Impossible” Job of College President

On the latest Higher Voltage, why today’s leaders in higher ed must be always-on masters of strategic planning and communications.


3 Ethical Questions to Guide Your Marketing

How Kant, Mill, and Aristotle speak to the inherent tension of ethics and marketing.

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By: John Milliken

Volt@CUPRAP: Campus Leadership on Social Media, Behind the Scenes

Volt’s live event series continues with a discussion about what it takes to make higher ed leaders successful ambassadors of their institutions on social media.

This Just In: The Sky is Not Falling

The enrollment cliff is real and scary, but the data shows that higher ed is not in a free fall.

5 Things Every Social Media Manager Has to Stay On Top Of

To stay relevant and be effective, social media managers must make professional development a daily routine.


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