Olympus Mons: Reaction to GMAC Admissions Trends

Volume 1, Issue 1 An original Volt cartoon series chronicling the happenings in a fictional university’s marketing department.
Cartoon /

Culture, Not Compliance: Changing The Way Your Institution Approaches Accessibility

In 2018, 50 U.S. colleges were sued by a blind man for having non-compliant websites. Getting into compliance isn’t just about following the law, it’s about making sure your institution cares.
Education Administration /
By: Brent Whiting

Creating Super Moments: What the Super Bowl Can Teach Us About Higher Ed Marketing Campaigns

The Super Bowl gave us more than just strange and memorable ads, it reminded higher ed marketers of how essential it is to create strategically integrated digital ad campaigns.
Marketing & Branding /
By: Christopher Huebner

Let’s Get Real About Our Personal Social Media Hug Machine, #hemktg, #hesm, #higheredsocial

Social media can be so kumbaya among higher ed marketers. Joseph Master shares his personal wakeup call, and why he’s better off for it.
Education Administration /
By: Joseph Master

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