Volt@AMA: A Student-Centric Approach to Higher Ed Marketing

The debut of Volt’s new live event series dives into what it takes to create authentic communications that resonate with students.

By: Volt@
Sponsored by : Salesforce.org

Today’s higher ed marketers have more data than ever before – so much they’re often drowning in it, but missing the insights to optimize their marketing strategies and tactics. In the first installment of our new live event series, Volt@, we co-hosted this virtual panel discussion at AMA’s 2021 Symposium for the Marketing of Higher Education about what it takes to create a truly student-centric approach to higher ed marketing. 

Watch the full discussion

Presented in partnership with Salesforce, this discussion details:

  • The present, challenging landscape of higher ed
  • How critical it is that institutions define their core value and articulate their brand
  • How they can clearly define and target student audiences that fit their institution
  • How schools can leverage marketing technologies and data to refine their strategies and tactics – even with limited resources.

Listen to the discussion as a podcast


This discussion offers a lens that is both critical and prescriptive, identifying the serious challenges facing higher ed as well as tangible ways to overcome them in a way that truly benefits the institution and the student. This also serves as a preview of a forthcoming whitepaper on this same topic that is due out later this month.



Volt@ is a live event series that features videos, podcasts, and other programming from industry gatherings and conversations.

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