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CRMs: Powering Graduate Programs

Graduate admissions experts weigh in on the pros and cons of three major CRMs used by higher education institutions.

Standardized Admissions Testing: An Evolving Landscape

After nearly a century of SAT dominance, test-optional, test-blind and alternative testing methods are changing the higher ed admissions process.

Exodus Underscores Disdain for U.S. News Rankings

Many high-profile institutions refused to cooperate with the controversial U.S. News ranking system. But with many prospective students continuing to care, some institutions may be hedging their bets.

10 Higher Ed Social Media Accounts to Follow

These 10 schools are creating high-quality, engaging, and authentic content for a wide variety of audiences on social media.

Guarding Against Admissions-Targeting Spambots

As spambots make it more difficult for institutions to recruit new students effectively, marketing and enrollment teams need to ensure the integrity of an institution’s data.

Gender Equity Gap in Higher Ed Leadership

Women have consistently earned the majority of advanced degrees, but men are primarily filling leadership positions in higher education.

Where Are Prospective College Students Going?

A demographic cliff, economic downturn, pandemic and perceived lack of value are contributing to decreased higher ed enrollment numbers, but the students must be going somewhere.

Milking the Tuition Cash Cow

Out-of-state and international students offer colleges diversity, but with ever-tightening operational budgets, they’re also key to helping the bottom line.

Inflation and Tuition: Keeping the Lights On

With college costs already under the microscope, higher ed insiders say tuition increases and freezes may be the only way to weather the uncertainty of the growing inflation storm.

Trend vs. Hiccup: Decreased International Student Growth in US

Political climate, soaring costs and post-grad visa availability have prompted more students abroad to think twice before studying in the United States.