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Student Experience

Student Journalists Fight for Access as Universities Toe the Line

Student editors allege schools are more focused on public relations and protecting a brand than fostering legitimate student journalism.

AI Will Level the Academic Playing Field, Eventually

Higher-ed leaders are touting plans for an AI teaching revolution, but most students have yet to see significant results.

Don’t Assume Students Are AI Savvy 

As artificial intelligence transforms the classroom experience, higher ed leaders are stressing that students need guidance with how and when to use the technology appropriately.

Minerva University: Wisdom Through Experience

One university is developing global citizens by rethinking the entire higher education process, from admission to curriculum.

Standardized Admissions Testing: An Evolving Landscape

After nearly a century of SAT dominance, test-optional, test-blind and alternative testing methods are changing the higher ed admissions process.

QuickFire: Sarah McMaster

17 questions with Champlain College’s Executive Director for Marketing and Enrollment Management

Safety First! Ensuring Student Well-being Abroad

Two higher ed institutions with thriving study-abroad programs emphasize planning and communication to ensure student safety.

Marketing Mental Wellness: How to Develop and Promote Student Support Programs

An increased focus on mental wellness and equitable access is driving colleges to develop – and promote – new resources and programs to help keep students healthy and enrolled.

Unpacking UC’s Stance on Online Degrees

The University of California’s decision to close loopholes allowing students to piece together online degrees triggered concerns that online degrees may be considered inferior.

Proctoring Software: Accessible or Invasive?

Proctoring software may further erode an increasingly distanced relationship between students and their universities, evidenced by a recent judge’s ruling that room scans violate privacy rights.