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Is Biden’s Executive Order on AI Too Hands-Off for Higher Ed?

The White House’s executive order on AI has left institutions of higher education with just as many questions as answers and that might be a boon.

AI’s Impact on Institutional Reputation

Institutional leaders must find a delicate balance between embracing advancements while managing potential risks to reputation and academic integrity.

Can AI Help Cut Administrative Bloat?

An encroaching enrollment stall coupled with administrative bloat may lead to institutional challenges, but at least one university believes AI may be the solution to higher education’s survival.

Communication Breakdown: The Strain of Responding to Crises Like the Israeli-Hamas Conflict

An age-old PR question rears its head again on college campuses: With emotions boiling on all sides, should leaders pick a side, foster discourse or keep their heads down?

Higher Ed Grapples with AI’s Impact

From blanket bans to curriculum acceptance, universities are taking different approaches to address the growing popularity of artificial intelligence in and out of the classroom.

Painting a Larger Picture of Budget Problems

Inflation and fewer students enrolling are forcing many in higher ed to make drastic and unprecedented program cuts and to budget more carefully.

Giant Projects, Big Bucks and an AI Arms Race

As universities go all-in on AI with fingers crossed that the technology is here to stay, college leaders, professors and counselors offer thoughts on the tech’s overall impact.

QuickFire: Danielle Sewell

16 questions with York College of Pennsylvania’s Director of Digital Marketing

Q&A with Cathy Sandeen: Courage, Conviction and Staying Focused on the ‘Why’

Dr. Cathy Sandeen, president of Cal State East Bay, discusses the essence of effective leadership and the value of higher education in fostering economic mobility.

Engage Summit Recapped: Using AI, Not Just Talking About It

The second annual Engage Summit focused on specific ways to implement AI tools into higher ed marketing processes.