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Education Administration

QuickFire: Danielle Sewell

16 questions with York College of Pennsylvania’s Director of Digital Marketing

Courage, Conviction and Staying Focused on the “Why”

Dr. Cathy Sandeen, president of Cal State East Bay, discusses the essence of effective leadership and the value of higher education in fostering economic mobility.

Engage Summit Recapped: Using AI, Not Just Talking About It

The second annual Engage Summit focused on specific ways to implement AI tools into higher ed marketing processes.

OPMs Are Under Fire. Can Colleges and Universities Live Without Them?

Questions about ethics, data sharing and profitability are creating a ‘chaotic market,’ and many schools are looking to replace them with in-house services.

3 Takeaways from ICAM 2023

ChatGPT, Gen Z and OPMs were the primary focus during AACSB’s ICAM 2023 in Chicago. Change is at hand, but are we prepared to embrace it?

Passport to Diversity

Diversity in education and the workplace is beneficial for all, but how can higher ed leaders re-engage a college generation stifled by closed borders, affirmative action bans and pandemic restrictions?

Gender Equity Gap in Higher Ed Leadership

Women have consistently earned the majority of advanced degrees, but men are primarily filling leadership positions in higher education.

When Faculty Burnout Leads to Turnover

Years of significant disruption have resulted in burnout for higher education faculty members, but there are solutions.

What is the Future of Work in Higher Ed?

Burnout, demoralization, resignations, and how higher ed can change to embrace the future of work.

The ‘Woke Campus’ and the Politicization of Teaching in Higher Ed

Dyanis Conrad discusses her personal experience and the impact of the ongoing political fight against ‘woke politics’ on college campuses.