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Impact of Social Media Disruptions

From brand changes to new platforms, higher ed is feeling the effects of the social media wars.

Time to Talk TikTok

Six questions every higher ed social team should ask — and have good answers for — before diving into the hottest social media platform.

What is Social Media Good For?

Without clear goals, there’s really no point in having social channels at all.

This Isn’t a Wendy’s

Why colleges and universities need to look to new sources of social media inspiration.

4 Ways #HESMs Can Find Time for Professional Development

Higher ed social media managers must approach professional development as a requirement; here’s how to make the time to do that.

5 Things Every Social Media Manager Has to Stay On Top Of

To stay relevant and be effective, social media managers must make professional development a daily routine.

Uploading the Brand: How to Onboard New College Presidents

Marcomm teams must play central roles in onboarding institutional leaders, whose jobs now include the role of chief brand ambassador.

You Are Not the Accounts You Run

Social media managers have separate themselves from the accounts they run, for their own good.

Highly Social: The Changing Role of the College President

As college presidents become more involved in marketing, social media is a built-in part of the job.

The State of Social Media in Higher Ed

Higher ed social media has never been more critical to marketing efforts than it is now, and that’s a good thing.