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Affiliate Marketing: Boon or Bane

Affiliate marketing may solve declining higher ed enrollments and waning public trust, but what about navigating privacy and compliance concerns?

QuickFire: Samara Sit

19 Questions with Bryn Mawr College’s Chief Communications Officer

QuickFire: Jamie Ceman

26 questions with Chapman University’s VP of Strategic Marketing and Communications

QuickFire: Jason Hughes

19 questions with Semester at Sea’s Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment

QuickFire: Danielle Sewell

16 questions with York College of Pennsylvania’s Director of Digital Marketing

9 Takeaways from CUPRAP 2023

The stats, quotes, and recurring themes that stood out at the annual higher ed marketing conference.

Navigating Higher Ed Inclusion

With 21% of Gen Z identifying as LGBTQ+, universities need to navigate higher ed inclusion, while ensuring safety and privacy.

Grab a Tiny Mic and A Student

Higher ed social media strategists at AMA shared insights on how they successfully engaged Gen Z students by employing their peers for marketing and engagement.

‘It Isn’t a Storytelling Problem’

How the limits of marketing are being tested by the issues in much of the recent news coming out of higher education.

The Great Resignation Hits Higher Ed

Three industry veterans discuss the wave of departures in higher ed, and share why they each left institutions for agencies in the last year.