Righting the “Rot” in Higher Education

It’s time to forget about rankings and traditional notions of prestige, says Otterbein University President John Comerford, and to rethink the purpose and value of modern higher education.


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What’s Your Institution’s McDonald’s Order?

Dr. Marcus Collins joins Kevin Tyler to discuss institutional culture and how it correlates to a student’s desire to attend.

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How to Recruit More First-Gen and Underrepresented Students

NYU’s Jonathan B. Williams shares why institutions should partner with communities to develop educational pipelines and recruit diverse student populations.

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‘This Thing is Broken’: Hank Green Wants to End Student Debt and Fix Higher Education

Vlogger and entrepreneur Hank Green on why he cofounded the online education platform Study Hall.

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Degree Choices Hopes to Reduce US News’ Rankings Dominance

David Levy discusses how higher ed rankings are doing a disservice to Black applicants and the importance of comprehensive data collection.

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Breaking the College Rankings System

Colin Diver, author of the book “Breaking Ranks,” joins the podcast to discuss the problem with college rankings and how to replace them.

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10 Resolutions for Higher Ed in 2024

Erin and Teresa explore 10 areas in which higher education can do better in 2024 and offer indispensable advice to leaders seeking to address evolving issues proactively.

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