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Motivation, Transparency and the Need to Be Proactive

Kelly Peiffer, VP of marketing, communications and advancement at Manor College, discusses declining student interest and transparent leadership.

Q&A with Jaime Hunt: Strategy, Innovation and Initiative

Jaime Hunt, vice president and chief marketing officer, Old Dominion University discusses spam bots, college ROI and the role marketers should have in an institution’s leadership strategy.

QuickFire: Samara Sit

19 Questions with Bryn Mawr College’s Chief Communications Officer

QuickFire: Joshua Charles

20 questions with Rutgers Business School’s Director of Web Strategy and Technology

QuickFire: Jamie Ceman

26 questions with Chapman University’s VP of Strategic Marketing and Communications

QuickFire: Jason Hughes

19 questions with Semester at Sea’s Vice President of Marketing and Recruitment

Q&A with Tania Tetlow: Meritocracy, Opportunity and Making a Difference

Tania Tetlow, president of Fordham University, discusses the insights she gained from her time as a practicing attorney prior to joining academia.

QuickFire: Carrie Phillips

18 questions with the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s Chief Communications and Marketing Officer

QuickFire: Danielle Sewell

16 questions with York College of Pennsylvania’s Director of Digital Marketing

Q&A with Cathy Sandeen: Courage, Conviction and Staying Focused on the ‘Why’

Dr. Cathy Sandeen, president of Cal State East Bay, discusses the essence of effective leadership and the value of higher education in fostering economic mobility.