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Donor & Alumni Relations

‘Is This Worth a Public Statement?’

5 questions to help decide if the latest crisis in the news demands a response, plus a handy mnemonic device for writing such statements.

The “Nearly Impossible” Job of College President

On the latest Higher Voltage, a look at why today’s leaders in higher ed must be always-on masters of strategic planning and communications.

Uploading the Brand: How to Onboard New College Presidents

Marcomm teams must play central roles in onboarding institutional leaders, whose jobs now include the role of chief brand ambassador.

Are Your ‘Welcome Back’ Activities Falling Short?

Return-to-campus initiatives should be more than entertaining – they should be strategic.

What Should We Write About?

Tell us what topics in higher ed and higher ed marketing need to be talked about more, and what we should explore next.

Highly Social: The Changing Role of the College President

As college presidents become more involved in marketing, social media is a built-in part of the job.

From Teacher to Marketer: The Changing Role of the College President

College and university presidents must increasingly be able to define, tell, and sell their institutions’ story.

‘The Most Important Work’: Increasing the Number and Diversity of College Graduates

Learn how the University Innovation Alliance’s mission to redefine the purpose and utility of a college degree for the next generation of students.

HBCU Marketing in a Post-Pandemic World

COVID-19 and nationwide calls for racial justice continue to present unique challenges – and opportunities – for HBCUs.

The Cinderella Strategy: How Butler University Invested in Athletics and Won Big

How an investment in men’s basketball elevated the small Indiana school to national prominence.