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Safety First! Ensuring Student Well-being Abroad

Two higher ed institutions with thriving study-abroad programs emphasize planning and communication to ensure student safety.

Balancing Students’ Needs and Goals

The flexibility of U.S. degree programs determines students’ success in balancing full-time education and part-time work. In this two-part series, we talk with students and institutions to find a balance between financial security and education goals.

Balancing Work and Higher Education

An increasing number of U.S. students pursuing higher education choose to work full-time to afford rising costs and inflation. In this two-part series, we talk with students and institutions to see how a balance between financial security and education goals can be reached.

When Non-traditional Becomes Mainstream

Non-traditional students are quickly becoming the largest segment of the student population. How can higher education adapt to meet their needs?

Northern Pennsylvania Regional College Caters to the Non-traditional Student

As the non-traditional student population continues to grow, a new college in northern Pennsylvania took a risk and opened during the pandemic to provide a unique higher education experience.

2023 Hot and Cool Graduate Programs

As interests and technology change, more students are rethinking their graduate programs to align with money-making potential and personal fulfillment.

Parents a Necessary Factor During Recruitment

As students increasingly value parental input during their college selection process, recruiters and marketers are widening their scope to engage parents.

Diversity Abroad: Navigating Post-Pandemic Access and Viability

The 2022 Global Inclusion Conference highlighted success and accessibility of virtual education programs for study abroad engagement.

Trend vs. Hiccup: Decreased International Student Growth in US

Political climate, soaring costs and post-grad visa availability have prompted more students abroad to think twice before studying in the United States.

Did the Pandemic Revolutionize Higher Ed Admissions?

NACAC 2022 tackled test-free and race-conscious admissions in its first post-pandemic conference.