The Power of Prestige

Ryan Craig explains why expanding access to highly selective institutions like Yale is the key to saving higher ed.

29 minutes
By: Higher Voltage

Does the path to lifelong economic mobility flow through elite higher ed institutions? Ryan Craig thinks so. In a recent op-ed for Inside Higher Ed, the managing director of investment firm Achieve Partners, argued that the only way to combat the declining value of a higher education in the public’s perception is for highly selective institutions to increase access by opening satellite locations.

That position is in stark contrast to the view held by Matt Reed, who penned his own op-ed in IHE as a rebuttal to Craig’s opinion, arguing that community colleges are the best vehicle for increasing access and bolstering the perceived value of a college education. 

We spoke with both columnists in separate recorded interviews. Here, we present Craig’s position that expanding access to selective institutions is necessary to secure the future of higher ed.

To listen to our interview with Reed, visit that show page.

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