Pull Up a Chair: Inviting Marketers to Program Development

Including marketers in the beginning stages of higher ed program development improves efficiency and feasibility.

Marketing /
By: Christopher Romano

25 Higher Education Conferences to Attend in 2022-2023

Our tracker of virtual, in-person and hybrid higher education leadership conferences for the upcoming academic year.

Professional Development /
By: Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey 

Does Every Department Need Insta?

The importance of determining a need and defining a strategy for an effective social media presence.

Social Media /
By: Melissa Horvath, Christopher Romano

How to Create a Winning Strategic Enrollment Plan

A strategic enrollment plan will only work if you make it accessible and bring people along for the journey. Here’s how to do exactly that.

Institutional Strategy /
By: Aaron Basko

How to Choose a CRM

Selecting the right CRM platform for your higher ed institution is an exciting, daunting proposition. Here’s what you should know.

Marketing Automation /
By: Melissa Sersland

6 Keys to Student-Centric Marketing

Key takeaways from a white paper Volt co-produced with Salesforce about creating optimized, student-centric marketing campaigns.

Content & SEO /
By: Aaron Stern

Life After Cookies: 5 Digital Advertising Strategies to Engineer Attention

Tracking user behavior online is getting more complex. You can still maximize your ad efficiency with these creative tactics.

Marketing /
By: Chris Huebner

Social Media Brand Building in a Socially Distanced World: Advertising Basics that Build Brands

Some things have changed in the era of Covid-19. The best ways to increase your brand’s digital visibility have not.

Social Media /
By: Chris Huebner

Getting Off the High Horse: How to Go All-In with Online Learning

Rasmussen College’s Caroline Gulbrandsen shares what her school has learned after two decades of online education.

Marketing /
By: Dr. Caroline Gulbrandsen

Content KonMari: How to Curate Content On Your School’s Site to Spark Joy for Users

Senior UX Designer Conny Liegl explains how to tidy up your school’s website.

Content & SEO /
By: Conny Liegl

So You Want to Get Your Dean on Twitter…

It’s 2019, and many high-ranking higher ed administrators still aren’t on social media. Once you know what’s holding them back, it’s much easier to devise a plan of attack.

Social Media /
By: Jillian Ashley Blair Ivey

Why You Need a Marketing Personalization Strategy (And How to Actually Do It)

Higher education isn’t e-commerce. But that doesn’t mean we can’t adapt strategies to engage our prospects.

Marketing /
By: Megan Miller

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Your Content to Avoid the Summer Slowdown on Social

It can be hard enough to fuel a content calendar for an entire school year, yet alone when school’s out for summer. But with a bit of creativity, a whole lot of resourcefulness, and a dash of #hashtag know-how, you can uncover a bounty of social media content.

Content & SEO /
By: Jon-Stephen Stansel

Getting Creative With Limited Data: How to Measure Podcasting Success

Podcast data is scarce at best, and it’s inconsistent across reporting platforms. So how do you know whether your podcast is working? Jackie Vetrano offers creative solutions to help prove the ROI.

Marketing /
By: Jackie Vetrano

Logging Out: Choosing the Right Social Media Platforms at Small Schools

How do you handle being asked to explore new social media channels when you’re already stretched thin? Take a strategic approach and consider the ROI first.

Social Media /
By: David Pavlak