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Job Summary

Coordinates and implements marketing and communication projects that support the assigned department and/or college’s goals to help shape effective marketing and communications strategies. Organizes public image campaigns and special events that are engaging and contain interactive social media content strategy that enhances the College reputation. Responsible for creating brand awareness through advertising and social media for the College. Works collaboratively with college partners to achieve project objectives, milestones and deliverables, and campaign effectiveness reporting.

Educational Requirements

Bachelor’s degree from an accredited institution of higher education in marketing, business administration, or related field

Required Experience

Two (2) years of Marketing, Communications or Public Relations work experience with a focus on account management and/or digital campaign management


1. Develops and maintains strong partnerships within the assigned department and/or college, understanding key business strategies, objectives, and project expectations to support marketing efforts and goals

2. Develops and manages comprehensive marketing and communications strategy, campaigns, projects, tactical execution plan

3. Oversees the production process, day-to-day project activities and provides analytical analysis

4. Creates advertising, marketing copy, newsletters, memos, reports and other forms of communication aimed at increasing enrollment, increasing philanthropic support, improving name recognition and enhancing the assigned department and/or college

5. Creates, plans and executes engaging and interactive social media content strategy to enhance the assigned department and/or college’s reputation

6. Oversees the day-to-day activity on the assigned department and/or college’s social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

7. Utilizes social media to drive users to the assigned department and/or college’s website, enhance the brand, promote events and programs, recruit students

8. Ensures that communications are aligned with the University and the assigned department and/ or college’s brand messaging and policies to increase the sense of connection to the College and its extended community

9. Produces creative collateral (i.e. pop-up banners, brochures, booklets, department signage, newsletters, email templates, print ads, campaigns, GIFs, static images, videos, college events promotion, OwlTV, internal media and social media)

10. Directs projects using appropriate internal and external resources (including, but not limited to, department team members, automation/CRM systems, videography, PR /marketing team, agency partners, freelance professionals, and PR/marketing firms)

11. Plans and manages project communications, monitoring project status, proactively managing changes, and effectively communicating regularly

12. Ensures evaluation and analysis of marketing initiatives to determine the effectiveness of implemented strategies

13. Coordinates and hosts the assigned department/college events (both on and off-campus locations) that promote the brand, department and/or college and programs, recruit students and increase the sense of connection to the extended community

14. Analyzes website SEO utilizing approved platform(s) (Google Analytics, BrightEdge, etc.)

15. Provides insights and recommendations for updates, writes content and partners with assigned webmaster to meet SEO and web goals and objectives

16. Utilizes Google Analytics and/or other approved platform(s) to analyze web performance, report KPI’s and provide insights and recommendations for performance improvement

17. Proposes and manages the college/department’s marketing budget for the fiscal year

18. Performs administrative functions to support marketing and communications projects for the college/department

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